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'Double Trouble'
The Life of a Celebrity Impersonator
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  And now for something a little different…

    Nashville, TN, September 1, 2016 - Our culture’s fascination with fame and fortune has developed into a highly specialized niche of show business; that of the celebrity impersonator. As the top tier of bona fide stars becomes more exclusive, elusive and inaccessible, the public is eager to see a reasonable facsimile, whether a tribute band, a double for a beloved movie star or a politician from the past.  
    Jack Bullard ( and his wife C.J. Morgan ( are full-time, professional celebrity impersonators. Bullard works world-wide as a dead-ringer for film icon Jack Nicholson and Morgan is a Dolly Parton Tribute artist who does other characters as well.
    Together, Bullard and Morgan have teamed up to offer a fascinating glimpse into this highly specialized subset of show business. The presentation, ‘Double Trouble - The Life of a Celebrity Impersonator' is based on their own experiences and insights and involves questions the two often get with regards to their profession as well as questions from the audience.  
    Light-hearted, interactive and fun, the two turn the tables and begin to question the audience for even more laughs. Part performance, part motivational speaking presentation and always entertaining, they delight crowds with their stories about what it’s like to be a professional celebrity impersonator - and a very positive message about the value of being yourself. 
    This motivational or keynote presentation is corporate-friendly, appropriate for all groups and can be tailored to the theme of the event. For more information, call 615-289-4815.

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   “…Like a unique glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ with great audience interaction..."  
 – Terry Smith, Salt Lake City, UT

  “Our fund-raising dinner was a great success because of this extremely likeable, exciting couple. They remind me of the old ‘I Love Lucy’ show…” 
 – M.R. Williams, Nashville, TN
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