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'Double Trouble'
The Life of a Celebrity Impersonator
Jack Bullard( managed and owned several businesses before embracing his 'inner Jack' and becoming a full-time Jack Nicholson impersonator. Known in the industry as a 'dead-ringer' and winner of the 'mirror-image award' at the Sunburst Convention for Celebrity Impersonators in 2018, he is in demand world-wide for emcee work, meet & greets, commercials, print work, red carpet events and more. As the 'official Jack' for the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Stephen King's novel 'The Shining,' he 'haunts' their halls often during the summer months!
C.J. Morgan 
has been in show business since her teen years when she began playing keyboards in a band with her brother. Along the way, she acquired a BS in Communication from the University of Utah, a MS in Educational Psychology from the University of Tennessee and had her own training & development company specializing in soft skills, team building, improvisational skills and customer service. C.J. is an author and an accomplished musician as well as a BMI-registered songwriter. A full-time Dolly Parton Tribute Artist since 2010, she has branched out to do other characters as well.
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 'Double Trouble; The Life of a Celebrity Impersonator'

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